Free Bluegrass Concert

31 Jul , 2015  

If you live in Raleigh there is a free bluegrass concert on August 29th. Milner is hosting their first Concert on the Lawn that evening. Donations go to benefit the Loaves and Fishes After School Program. If you want additional details check out the Facebook event. Details will be added as they become available.


Minorities Need to Fear Congress, Not Trump

23 Jul , 2015  

Today the New Republic had an interesting article on the impact of Donald Trump’s candidacy among minority voters. While it is still far too early to accurately predict the Trump effect, it is clear he’s not stopping until he implodes. The fact that he has been able to continue his campaign in light of comments made about John McCain […]

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What is Occasional Theology

23 Jul , 2015  

Lee Sartain preaching at Milner Memorial Presbyterian Church

You may be asking a great: “What in the world is occasional theology?” A long and complex answer would discuss how Jesus and Paul practiced occasional theology–Jesus in his teachings and Paul in his writings to the churches of the Mediterranean Rim. They had well developed and consistent theology–they applied this theology as necessary to […]